Gain Twitter Followers

Tweeting is one of the coolest things of the day in one’s schedule. You want to share a lot of thoughts and you want people to read them as well but “IN SHORT”. Twitter is a very genuine platform when it comes to reach and engagement. Getting followers on twitter is not one of the most difficult things in the world. There are certain practices that you can follow to increase followers of your twitter account.

1. Make a niche

The first task is to define your industry and then your niche. Until or unless you don’t have a niche expecting followers is a crime. We want to sometimes write about everything, which is good but sometimes your audience may not get a uniformity of content and might not be getting what they want exactly. Every twitter account has a certain objective and if it’s fulfilled in the correct manner people will love your account.


2. Establish an authority

If you are an expert in a niche and people think they have become smarter after reading your content. I am sure you have a long way to go. It could be anything humour, law, finance, marketing, fashion etc. write a lot about what you feel you know the best and tweet regularly about it.

3. Follow and Retweet

Follow influencers of your niche. See what they are talking about, retweet their best tweets. The best way to come in their notice is to converse with them and you will make relationships with them for lifetime. Follow people who followed you otherwise they will unfollow you soon.

4. Use hashtags

A tweet without hashtags is a marriage without food. If you don’t give people a reason to come to your wedding why would they come, similarly if people are not able to search you how would they be able to reach you. Use maximum three hashtags in every tweet. Don’t fill your tweet with hashtags, use only relevant ones. Try trending tweets and brand specific tweets a lot.

As mentioned its easy to grow a twitter follower base, it’s just that you need to stick to the basics well and use them smartly according to your niche and industry. The key is to tweet regularly and smartly.

found by http://buzzlikeus.com/4-practices-to-gain-twitter-followers/